fot-nadeit.jpg, 14 kB
pa-os-1.jpg, 11 kB pa-os-2.jpg, 11 kB pa-os-3.jpg, 12 kB
Welcoming wiht frends from Rovereto.Banqet for quests.Show of technics.
pa-os-4.jpg, 12 kB pa-os-5.jpg, 9 kB pa-os-6.jpg, 9 kB
Festive meeting on Friday afternoon.Youger pupils play on the flute and......they dance on music.
pa-os-7.jpg, 6 kB pa-os-8.jpg, 8 kB pa-os-9.jpg, 7 kB
Handover medals from good work for volunteer fire company.
pa-os-10.jpg, 7 kB pa-os-11.jpg, 10 kB pa-os-12.jpg, 12 kB
Pledge on the end.Free entertainment.
so-os-1.jpg, 16 kB so-os-2.jpg, 17 kB so-os-3.jpg, 14 kB
Exhibition old tecnic borrowed from......people of Dobrouč.
so-os-22.jpg, 12 kB so-os-23.jpg, 11 kB so-os-24.jpg, 7 kB
Víťa's chickens.Beer parlor.Good goulash.
so-os-4.jpg, 13 kB so-os-5.jpg, 13 kB so-os-6.jpg, 12 kB
Start of parade.Historical fire pump.Arrival at the firehouse.
so-os-7.jpg, 11 kB so-os-8.jpg, 11 kB so-os-9.jpg, 15 kB
Firemans in old fire fighter's uniform.Dobrouč's fire flags. Podium.
so-os-10.jpg, 10 kB so-os-11.jpg, 11 kB so-os-12.jpg, 16 kB
Present from Italy.New rescue car Fiat.The inside of car.
so-os-13.jpg, 13 kB so-os-14.jpg, 10 kB so-os-15.jpg, 12 kB
Perilous performace of the Italian firemans.
so-os-16.jpg, 12 kB so-os-17.jpg, 7 kB so-os-18.jpg, 5 kB
so-os-19.jpg, 10 kB so-os-20.jpg, 16 kB so-os-21.jpg, 15 kB
Performace of firemans from Líšnice.Singing jurisconsult Ivo Jahelka.Music group Wejvrat.
so-os-25.jpg, 7 kB so-os-26.jpg, 9 kB so-os-27.jpg, 7 kB
Free entertainment after midnight.Celebration Peťák's 19th birtday.
ne-os-1.jpg, 13 kB ne-os-2.jpg, 13 kB ne-os-3.jpg, 15 kB
Demonstration of fire-ofence (younger pupils).Demonstration of fire-ofence (older pupils).
ne-os-4.jpg, 13 kB ne-os-5.jpg, 9 kB ne-os-6.jpg, 9 kB
Attempt of directors...... and Italians.
ne-os-7.jpg, 13 kB ne-os-8.jpg, 12 kB
Couple baton (younger pupils).Attempt of directors.